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Hurricane Florence Claims Process

In order to file a claim for your home or property as a result of a loss from Hurricane Florence, you will need to take the following steps:

1)  Get an estimate of repairs, and decide if you want to file a claim…Keep in mind you must first pay your deductible, and you don’t want to file a claim if the repair will be close to that amount.

2)  Feel free to contact the following companies to get an estimate for repairs:

        1)  Carolina Restoration Services–919-469-1955

        2)  The Great Tar Heel Restoration Company-Marty Smith–919-291-8180

        3)  PHC Restoration–Brett Dickerson–919-986-9575 

        4)  Hannah Lemon–Restoration Experts–919-557-7900

        5)  Phil Rhodes–Restore Pro–919-369-5415

        6)  Paula Becht-Service Team of Professionals-919-999-6797

3)  Contact your insurance provider’s Claims Department..Have your policy number and claim details prepared…Here is a list of our carrier’s Claims Department phone numbers:

         1)  Erie Insurance–1-800-367-3743…If claim is $10,000 or less, call us directly.

         2)  Lititz Mutual Insurance Company:  1-855-725-5642

         3)  UPC Insurance–1-888-256-3378

         4)  Heritage Insurance–1-855-415-7120 Option 1

         5)  ASI–1-866-274-5677

         6)  National General–1-877-468-3466–Option 5

         7)  National General Flood–1-866-535-7417

         8)  Progressive–1-800-274-4499

         9)  Foremost–1-800-527-3907

        10)  If you have a Wind/Hail policy with the NCJUA and Erie as your underlying carrier, contact Erie Claims Dept.  If you have another carrier other than Erie and a Wind/Hail policy with the NCJUA, contact the NCJUA directly at 1-800-662-7048.

         11)  Lee Winters Insurance Agency–919-828-7130

4)  Be sure to keep receipts of any repairs and provide a copy to us or the insurance adjuster.

Please be patient with us if we don’t get back with you immediately…It is either because we do not have power or because we are with another client.

Be safe!

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