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Concierge Cyber®


First off let’s be clear-THIS IS NOT CYBER INSURANCE

In today’s heightened cyber threat environment, organizations must ask themselves:

1. Who do I call after hours, weekends, or holidays when my organization suffers a malware or ransomware attack?
2. How do I avoid paying significantly higher legal and other vendor incident response rates?
3. How do I move forward with an incident response plan that’s not covered by cyber insurance?

Modeled after concierge medicine, Concierge Cyber® members pay a modest annual membership fee for pre-breach and post-breach risk management support through a team of highly credentialed third-party service providers at pre-negotiated and substantially discounted rates. The benefits are many, including guaranteed quick and easy access to experts in a highly personalized way, including same-day appointments and phone or email access on evenings and weekends when you have a cyber event and need it most.

Have you ever wondered who to call in the event of a cyber-attack?
What do you do if someone has full control of your computer system and demands a $100,000 ransom?
Where do you go after someone tricks you into sending them $75,000 acting as a vendor or client?

The truth is, there is insurance for this, and sometimes you are provided with a hotline to call. But other times, you aren’t given a number, the insurance company is closed when an event occurs, or you didn’t buy/ couldn’t afford cyber insurance. Concierge Cyber has filled this void and for only a $250 annual subscription.

What Concierge Cyber Does:

  • Gives you a number that you can call 24/7 in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Gets you in touch with a Cyber Response Team that is working off pre-negotiated rates that are 35%-50% off standard rates.
  • If insured, they will work with your insurance company to go through proper protocols.
  • 2-Hour consultation with a Virtual Chief Security Officer
  • Provides you with a Ransomware Hostage Manual
  • Provides you with Information Security Templates

What Concierge Cyber Does Not Do:

  • This is not a replacement for cyber insurance, so it will not pay for a claim.
  • This is also not a replacement for your IT Services firm.
  • They will work in conjunction with them to get things back up and running if you do have this in place.

Who Needs Concierge Cyber:

  • Companies who don’t have cyber insurance or self-insure this risk
  • Companies who are insured, but believe $250 is worth 24/7 service, a 2-hour consultation, and manuals
  • High net-worth individuals worried about hacking their personal finances

Concierge Cyber® Benefits:

  • My-CERT™ rates are discounted by 35%–50%, which could save you thousands of dollars compared to “off the street” pricing
  • We guarantee same-day access, even on evenings and weekends
  • Our allegiance is to you and not your insurance company
  • If you have a cyber event and maintain cyber insurance, we ensure that we will help you connect to your insurer or forward the matter to a My-CERT™ law firm on your cyber carrier’s approved vendor panel
  • We immediately file and report wire fraud to the FBI’s Recovery Asset Team (RAT) to assist in the recovery of fraudulent funds wired by victims
 Lee Winters Agency members pay only $250.00 annually to join Concierge Cyber®, which is a discount of 25% off the published price.

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