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Nathalie Gomez

Customer Service Representative

Nathalie joined Lee Winters Insurance Agency in September of 2019 as a Customer Service Representative. Not native to North Carolina, she has lived in New York, where she worked at a home health aide agency as a teaching assistant, and Delaware, her home state. Nathalie graduated from DCAD with her A.A. in Graphic Design, a career she hopes to continue pursuing. She has always been fond of new experiences, the things they teach and the next journey they present. Nathalie has had a continuous interest in learning different trades and is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in the insurance industry.

Nathalie Gomez
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Customer Reviews

I highly recommend him!

Willis B

I highly recommend your agency to anyone that asks.

Lillian J

Lee gets it done quickly, professionally, and respectfully.

Alec K

Very easy to work with and knowledgeable.

Seth G